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 "Fifth Tarot" Cards 

By Martien Bakens & Terresena Bakens

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If you would like to own these beautiful cards, I invite you to purchase them using the link(s) provided here on this  website, where you will be able to easily shop to compare formats & price options. These purchases support the Authors who created them & also help make it possible for me to provide you with these free online card readings, making shopping for Angel, Oracle, Tarot, Guidance & Affirmation Card Decks, fun & convenient! ...Enjoy! Abundant Love, Blessings and (((Soul-Hugs))) – Jacqueline 

***Cards are copyrighted to their respective designers, artists, and publishers, and are only used for example purposes. Please note: This is just a small sampling of cards from this deck. To purchase this beautiful deck & enjoy all of the cards, please click on the link above.

The Fifth Tarot By Martien Bakens and Terresena Bakens - Product Description: "The Fifth Tarot comes as a boxed set, which includes a 352-page book with 92 full-color cards. As we enter the Aquarian Age of Peace, new tarot imagery and symbols are called for that reinforce our oneness with the natural world.

The Fifth Tarot introduces images of nature to represent the elements for each of the suits fire, shells, feathers, stones, and lotuses. The Fifth Tarot incorporates an additional suit to represent the element ether. Without ether, there is no life. The fifth suit specifically addresses the higher vibrational gifts emerging with the shift of energy occurring through the activation of our DNA codes, our evolving crystalline structures, and our awakening as multi-dimensional beings. The fifth suit brings forth such concepts as telepathy, spontaneous healing, inter-dimensional travel, and transcendence, to name a few.

The Major Arcana cards of The Fifth Tarot are attuned to the new archetypes emerging in our consciousness and are aligned with the higher aspects of the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and sacred union. Meditating upon the images assists one in accessing their divine blueprint. The Fifth Tarot court cards reflect a progression of knowledge and understanding in the mastery of the suit and, as such, are designated as Seeker, Initiate, Apprentice, and Elementor. 

Each card has its own frequency and creates a powerful energetic vibration to help access one's inner wisdom. The Fifth Tarot is a tool that offers transformative insights into our multi-dimensional gifts and possibilities. It is the tarot deck most relevant for the changing times in which we live. Finally, a tarot deck that represents and reflects the harmonics and vibration of the now.” 

The Fifth Tarot deck is incredibly beautiful and inspires hope, personal empowerment and a consciousness that can help humanity create a harmonious personal existence with the worlds around them. A must-have deck for anyone looking to move forward, embracing the current new energy and beyond.-- Deborah Deuel, NHC, managing director and author

Teresena is an intuitive, visionary artist. As a clear channel of the divine feminine, her paintings convey love, warmth, compassion and truth, through the symbology of our collective consciousness. Teressena's talent draws from a life long pursuit of artistic exploration and metaphysical understanding. Enjoy! --Gary Fleck, Inner Earth

The energy from your beautiful deck of cards is truly a higher vibration--and what the two of you bring with it--epitomizes what this ascension process is about. I could definitely feel my own ascension process--stretching and expanding--all afternoon. I'm always looking for something that will take my readings to the next level for my clients and also for myself. I believe you have created a wonderful tool that will help me do that, and I can't wait to receive my deck.-- Rev. Martha Quinn, Tarot Reader/Ascension Coach, Academy of the Five Winds 

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