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 "Motherpeace Tarot" Cards 

By Karen Vogal

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Motherpeace Tarot Cards By Karen Vogal - Product Description: "The Motherpeace deck is a bridge back into an era when a high value was placed on artistic expression and ritual, and when communities supported individual uniqueness as well as group welfare. 

This beautiful deck is composed of images of people in a variety of roles, focusing on times and places where women were leaders or active participants in spheres beyond their immediate families. The Motherpeace cards offer more than a divination tool for us: they were and are, a fundamental healing process for reaching beyond the limitations of gender, age, race and class roles found in our society. 

The cards in this extraordinary round tarot deck are gestalt circles of powerful symbols celebrating 30,000 years of women's culture throughout the world. 4 1/2" diameter.”

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