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 "Healing Cards-The Conspiracy Deck" 

By Chuck Spezzano

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If you would like to own these beautiful cards, I invite you to purchase them using the link(s) provided here on this  website, where you will be able to easily shop to compare formats & price options. These purchases support the Authors who created them & also help make it possible for me to provide you with these free online card readings, making shopping for Angel, Oracle, Tarot, Guidance & Affirmation Card Decks, fun & convenient! ...Enjoy! Abundant Love, Blessings and (((Soul-Hugs))) – Jacqueline 

***Cards are copyrighted to their respective designers, artists, and publishers, and are only used for example purposes. Please note: This is just a small sampling of cards from this deck. To purchase this beautiful deck & enjoy all of the cards, please click on the link above.


Healing Cards-The Conspiracy Deck By Chuck Spezzano - Product Description: "We cannot be happy unless we know ourselves.  Healing Cards - The Conspiracy Deck is a great tool for finding what has been deeply hidden, yet is still stopping us.    If you choose, the cards will return your power back to where it belongs - to you!"

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